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Anime, art, toys, figures and books for really big kids.
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Hi, I am majortoko. This modest web site is designed to spread information, and make people happy.
With a little luck, it will also make you think, raise your consciousness. Maybe even help you bring some pretty toys into your home.

Let me share with you some of my most favorite things. I live in virtual world. I am surrounded by many pretty things. All of my friends sit upon my shelf. Except the one that is "so far away".   Anime. Manga. Garage kits. Ghosts. Cyber space. Pretty anime girls. Escape.     我很高兴认识您


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From the Manga/Anime page you can jump to the video and conventions pages. Need help with your digital life, look in the other products page. The site map gives a brief introduction on how I got hooked into this "popular cult " thing.


Not a true anime site. More of a anime, comic, fantasy art, and special interest site. The younger anime fan may not impressed. I am trying to create a site that will interest the over 30 crowd.

testing sever 10-13-10


I will soon share other interests, such as great Software, Language study, Scale model kits (automotive), automotive miniatures, Dolls, games and other collections.

testing server, 10-13-10

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other great products that may interest you.

noctropolis game
Noctropolis:the best game I have ever played. Considering making a games page. Check out the video. you might need the real player plug-in.


Ghost in the Shell


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